Saturday, 3 May 2008

Kira Plastinina!

Kira Plastinia has taken Russia by storm. Opening over 20 stores across the nation with fresh and fun designs, and opening 5 stores in the U.S this month and an online store. This 15 year old, $700million daddy's girl works very hard as a designer, instead of shopping or hanging out with her friends. She visits her headquarters to approve designs from her design team for her fashion line. With her daddy paying Paris Hilton £1million to sit at her fashion show. "do you hint a bit of sarcasm"? Yup maybe i'm a bit jealous but if i wanted to be a fashion designer, i'd want to become famous because of my talent not because of her rich daddy and her design team

Who's the daddy? Sergei Plastinin is president and a major shareholder of food giant Wimm-Bill-Dann and worth £350million.

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MyOwnBiggestFan said...

Ahh well...sometimes people with major resources have an easy time becoming "designers" *like Vanessa and Angela Simmons* while those of us with real talent have to actually STRIVE for it.

Someone once told me "it'll feel THAT much sweeter when you do get it, because you've worked for it."

I agree.