Saturday, 17 May 2008


I am rather lazy with skincare but on the days i do bother, i.e if i manage to wake up in time for school or I'm too sleepy to wash my face. Evening This probably happens four times a week! I'm usually to lazy after removing my make up!
  • Clinique foaming cleanser You cant go wrong with this, it removes make up and cleanses at the same time, it foams up like a mini bubble bath in your hands
  • Johnsons Baby wipes These little suckers remove every last bit of eye make up, they are like butter to bread, a unbeatable combination!
  • St Ives Apricot scrub This is the holy grail of scrubs! It is the number one selling scrub in the UK and the U.S. Most scrubs don't smell that great, but this smells like a cross between soap and fake apricot!
  • Bio oil Its used for stretch marks,scars and uneven skin, i use this little pot of liquid gold, just before i go to bed as when i wake up in the morning, Glowing clear skin looks back at me in the mirror!


After stumbling out of bed, after the alarm clock is on its second snooze, i potter into the bathroom and attempt to wake up. Lets just say, I'm not a morning person
  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst This face wash has tiny little beads with vitamin c and antioxidants which makes the face glow, it does kind of wake me up but i love the smell.
  • Nivea Spray SPF50 I use this as a make up primer and a sunscreen in one! It seems to even the skin, so foundation goes on smoothly
  • Mac Sheer select pressed powder As my skin is pretty clear in spring/summer, all i need is a swish of this to even out my skin
  • Clinique Duo in strawberry fudge This may sound strange but this pink eyeshadow is the perfect little blush for my skin
  • MAC Eyeshadows or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks What ever i feel like in the morning, i usually reach for my dearly loved Shimmer bricks or MAC eye shadows to almost finish off my look.
  • Cover girl Lash Blast This really lengthens and thickens my already long lashes, it gives the look of fake lashes but being natural.
  • MAC Lipglass Last but not least, i adore these lip glosses! My favourite are Pink Lemonade, Oyster Girl and Prrr

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