Friday, 23 May 2008

Mischa Barton line

I usually hate Celebrities fashion lines, and most of them are just just awful and insulting!
I do think the worst ones are Heidiwood, Kate moss( thats not designing! that picking stuff from your closet and copying it!!) and Perez Hilton!
The best are Lauren conrad ( simple but chic), Milla jovich and Gwen.
But one line coming out soon, i am totally excited for!
Mischa Barton's Handbag line! Im a total sucker for handbags and i just adore her style! its like a match made in fashion heaven. Mischa, is has been in the planning stages of launching her own collection of handbags. “Mischa has always loved fashion, especially handbags,” her rep told Elle. The line will be vintage-inspired and all finished by a flower motif hand drawn by Mischa !
I can not wait to see these handbags.
What are your thoughts on celebrity fashion lines??

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Cosmotropolian said...

I think it's either a hit or miss...Jennifer Lopez has done some fabulous pieces but look at Heidy Montag and Lauren Conrad's stuff...utter crap. I guess it just boils down to whether or not you have talent. Mischa's stuff looks decent though...