Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Hills

The Hills is undeniably one of my favourite programmes. No matter how cheesy and scripted the hills is, i still find myself tuning in each week, engrossed in the drama, fashion and the catty girl fights that go down each week.
I guess it was only natural to love the Hills after being obsessed with Laguna beach which was the most cattiest, funniest lovable programme around along with the OC. I have always taken a liking to Lauren's sense of style, its chic but casual which is me in a bubble! She tends never to get it wrong, but i guess you cant with her simple styling!
I admire Lauren for being a normal shape, she isn't too skinny but isn't overweight, she sets a good role model shapes for girls out there. You must admit that she has got game, from being a regular teen on a reality TV show to having her own show which is the most watched on MTV!
One thing i cant stand is that when she is talking to Jason or a guy she likes, she puts this silly voice on and its SO annoying.

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