Friday, 27 June 2008

Paris Hilton, Love her or Loathe her ?

Ever since i saw the simple life, i have loved Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Rich stupid girls with lots of cash to flash, put in a small kind of backwards town, with no money, just the money they earn on minimum wage jobs which often enough ends with them messing up!
Ok so Paris may not be a great role model for today's kids but she sure loves to have fun with fashion. She is hugely popular a couple of years ago, with her own club, fragrances, clothing line and even a jewelery line and books. But her hype died down after she went to jail for DUI and it was like she's had a fashion meltdown ever since! The bob which makes her look rather bird like, the " i'm a rocker now, see my boyfriend is in band" is just bland and she looks frankly silly.
I guess you could say i dress similar to the old paris, but with out the skimpy trash outfits, i love the cute dresses, casual jeans and a tee/tank, cute top and skirts and of course the numerous amount of primp!
Anyway her are my fave looks/items she has worn.....

I have these sunglasses! Dior glossys in taupe, so cute and summery. Once again, as you can see i have a thing for dior glossys, they ooze sophistication but still trendy. I love the way you can instantly spot they are dior glossys from their not unique but unlike sunglasses which are around right now. Maybe they will end up like aviators, or maybe that's wishful thinking. Also in this pictures, you can see the ever lusting YSL muse, which i have lusted ever since it came out but ouch at the price tag.

Simple baby doll, cute jeans and the simple jewellery is a classic outfit which can look good on nearly everyone.

OK so I'm sure I've now committed a fashion crime by admitting i love Paris Hilton but that's the thing with fashion, wear what you like not what's trendy and you will come off more stylish that all the trendies in the world!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


You may remember my quest to find the perfect primp thermal post As you can see i was desperate for a bunny print one but gave up after a while as they had all sold out and when the trend died down, they still did not have them back in stock! Anyway my dear sister went to t.k maxx today with my dad, knowing how much i love primp, she spied this primp hoodie and bought it! It was only £20, with a rrp of £120. I recommend Primp hoodies a lot as they are so comfy and i have bought a lot of primp since finding t.k maxx. p.s if you find a website selling bunny print primp, please please email me or leave a comment.

Monday, 23 June 2008

The future's bright

Just after finding the perfect spring nail polish, summer comes along! But after all it wasn't perfect, it chipped and was not quite the right colour i was looking for, the colour i'm talking is OPI Strawberry Margarita. Its a classic with nail polish fanatics but im starting to think that opi nail varnish doesn't work with my nails!

I came across Mac's Plasma blue, a shimmery blue. The blueness drew me to it, but i knew it just wasn't me. Chanels Flamingo nail polish is very me and something i would typically wear. But i wanted to try something new and different this year. I then stumbled across Chanels "Robertson Boulevard" collection, and instantly fell in love with L.A Sunset, a perfect orange with no shimmer, just a gorgeous orange. It's not available until July and even then we don't know when in July. So i began searching on Ebay as i knew it was available to buy in the robertson store. The beginning price is already pricey at $25 but to my dismay the cheapest was $35!

But soon i came up with an almost identical nail polish for $6! It's Zoya's Heidi from the Gossip collection! I've added to my wish list which i'll be purchasing all the items in a few days !!
Orange nail polish is quite a new and bright thing for me, as i dress in rather neutral colours and hardly wear neon's! granted i do love orange tops so maybe that's why! I've always worn pinks or nudes on my nails so i am excited with the prospect of a fab bright summery colour!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Lounging around Part 1

As much as i love to dress up and look good, there is nothing like dressing lazy. But you can look good while being lazy also which is one thing where people make mistakes with. Also all these snobby fashionista's dissing sweats and print tees, i decided enough, thou shall not diss sweats.... Here is a guide on whats best... PANTS! Juicy have a bad rep ever since they became a hot new trend a couple of years ago. But their Terry pants and hoodies are just heavenly when it comes to slobbing about, the qualilty is great and they last along time. My favourite material is terry opposed to the velour as i think the terry is more all seasons unlike the velour which is very a/w. They come in fun juicy fruity colours which the fabric doesn't fade ( except the black!) which is great.
Another great brand of sweats is VSPINK, they are fun and girly and come in cropped pant styles which is much better in summer and are more affordable compared to juicy.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Jakey says...... How to avoid being bathed

Hi, or should i say woof!
I'm Jakey, Oui fashionistas puppy, well technically I'm not a puppy as I'm 6. My mommy loves me ever so much even though i smell! Well i cannot help that, as when we go for walk, there is a huge smelly puddle ( more like lake) which i cannot resist to paddle in. My mom often threatens to give me a bath which i whimper at the thought, i mean its not my fault the puddle is so tempting with its wafts of manure.
Now whats all this about dressing up dogs, i mean come on that's just plain ridiculous, we should show off our fur not hide it in silly dresses. I do really feel for that poor Tinkerbell, her mommy looks a real dummy. If i was Tinkerbell I'd poop in her shoes, well at least i got rid of my nasty habit of pooping inside when i was 1.
Here are some doggy tips to avoid getting bathed...
If acting cute fails...
1. Run, as fast you can, mommy has wised up to this tactic and shuts the bathroom door so i cant escape.
2. If that fails, dance around the bathroom, so mommy has to chase me.
3. Dang, she usually catches me, by now the bath is run so mommy plonks me in.
4. In the bath, i wiggle so i miss the shower head.
5. Try and escape, i try and jump out the bath or shake on mommy so i distract her and then jump out.
6. Give up, now a dog like me doesn't usually give up without a fight but after using all my tactics i give up.
7. Enjoy, the doggy massage whilst she is lathering the shampoo.
8. Finish, after mommy gets me out the bath i shake everywhere to annoy her.
9. Dry, on my bed and relax until dinner time.
Jake xx poops and kisses

is there a black hole in my house?

Now you may read the title thinking wtf is this blogger on about, but in all seriousness, I'm not kidding. Now my room and my parents house are super tidy ( my moms a neat freak!) so things are usually easy to find right?
But this last year, I've lost a couple of beauty items and its driving me mad! I patiently waited 2 weeks for a nail varnish arrived from the U.S, OPI fair dinkum pinkum. I instantly fell in love with its baby pink cremeness. 3 weeks later it had disappeared! i mean totally gone, Poof into thin air. I freaked and searched everywhere for weeks and had to admit defeat.
About a month later i lost two eye pencils, not something i really missed as they were only rimmel and i just restocked. But it still annoyed me. They were perfect, rimmel kohl eye pencils in white ( use in your inner eye on the bottom to brighten eyes) and in black.
But last week, after using my Mac Pink Lemonade, i was sure i put it either in my bag or in my make up case! but once again it went poof! I just adore this lip gloss colour and i simply cant find it!
So either i have a black hole in my house or i have make up fairies! any tips on how to get rid of them!? joke joke

Friday, 13 June 2008

This week - celebs in Louis Vuitton

This weeks celebrities in Louis vuitton, soak in the gorgeous bags!
This tee shirt screams sarcasism as she is biggest fame whore around - LV mono Neverfull.
Kristin Davis, love the moca Neverfull, also love the aviators! - Limited edition LV Moca Neverfull.
Love the bag hate the outfit, jess! She should go back to how she dressed in newlyweds- LV Monogram Leopard Stephen

LVOE this bag Ashley, shame your showing the back of the bag! LV multicolour Speedy.

Loving the bag, and the top half of the outfit! the boots and tights scream hooker! anyway love the bag- LV damier azur speedy.

Friday, 6 June 2008

My Goodies

Sorry my camera died so had to use crappy phone camera,anyway here are my new purchases.
Both from T.K Maxx ( UK version of T.J Maxx!)

Star Vixen Dress £19!!

Velvet Torch dress £16

Wow i really need to start using the st tropez again didnt realise how pale i am.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Goodies coming up!

Just been shopping at T.K MAXX and bought these gorgeous dresses.

Monday, 2 June 2008

MTV movie awards : The Hills style war

To behonest, i never watch the mtv awards as frankly, i find them boring. They seem to go on for too long and when i attempt to watch them, i turn off after 30 minutes. I do however love looking online at what people wore and their make up, it seems to make up for the boringness. Everyone knows the hills fued between Heidi and Lauren, but do you think they will kiss and make up? I doubt it but today in style wars, Heidi won as much as i hate to admit it. The tight herve dress with white shoes looked great, but as always Lauren stuck to thinking inside the box. The dress is " christine " from her own collection, simply doesnt flatter this thin gal! The shoes could have saved this outfit but once again she pulled out the simple black open toe pumps from her closet. Now onto the "best friends" Whitney on team Lauren and Audrina on team Heidi during this past season of the Hills. Hands down, Whitney won this round, the bubble hem and the bright red dress with the unusual shoes pulled out all the stops compared to Audrina, the new bangs, midnight purple dress and the shoes that simply dont match let audrina down in the style department. Better luck next time