Thursday, 22 May 2008

So aDiorable!

Dior are bringing out the hotest and cutest phone ever. This phone is sure to be hot with Heiresses and Celebrities as i doubt most people could afford their ridiculous but oh so aDiorable mobile phone
The crazy price tag?
The regular mobile is 3,500 euros and a “deluxe model studded with 640 diamonds, which comes with an alligator sheath, runs up to 18,000 euros, or about US$27,000″.
Crazy huh! all in the name of fashion.


Molly :] said...

Im not so sure i like it. I do like the Prada phone though :)
Thanks for the link, i'll add you too.
Would you like me to delete the link for Cookies? Or is it still running?
Hope you are well x

oui fashionista said...

Hey molly! i do adore the prada phone way more! but i hate that it doesnt have buttons! Could you keep cookies up as i will post occasionally and ive been contacted by an LA promoter and wants to send me some stuff when they have international campaigns! they do dove and sure and loads of big ones! She wanted me to do a post on a new store opening in the US and give me a $50 voucher! but i live in the UK lol!

anyway thanks molly! i just adore your blog!

Sam said...

that's a really cool phone! i didn't know you started a blog, i'm utterlyamazing from tv.

p.s. would you like to link up?

Chic and Charming said...

those phones are very cute, at first I thought they were makeup compacts.