Saturday, 17 May 2008

you know you love me xoxo

Every Thursday night at 10pm, no matter what! You will catch me watching gossip girl. Before this, you'll catch me, making sure I've done this weeks Geography and History Homework, which of course, 5 times out of 10 isn't finished, with a frazzled look on my face. Then rushing upstairs to get on my trusty Pj's and Uggs which are sadly like my rock! When I am ill, these babies don't leave me! Gossip girl is fabulous in many ways! It is basically the New York Upper East Side version of The OC which i adore! You have Serena, the troubled girl who disappeared for a term after betraying her best friend Blair. Blair is the girl you feel for but is Queen Bee, with a mom who seems to not care for her and a gay dad and Serena her friend who transferred with out telling her. With her fabulously unusually glamorous fashion sense, you wish you were her! Then you have the hotties! Chuck, Nate and Dan, chuck with his strange quirky fashion sense who is a bit of a rebel, Nate with was long time girlfriend Blair and Dan, poor by his school chums standards who is a bit of a school reject until he meets Serena who brings him out of the shadow and into the upper east side wild side and then you have jenny, Dan’s sister a desperate wannabe who constantly tries to suck up to Blair until she realises Blair is just using her. It definitely doesn’t compare to the OC, which sadly even though it was cancelled, will always be in my heart! Gossip girl is just not as relatable as the OC and you don’t have a favourite character like the oc , you had Seth, the geeky outcast which who stole Summers heart after Ryan the homeless convict kid came and lived with the Cohens and made him not such a loser at school. Then you had Summer and Marissa, Pretty girls with troubles, Summer, amazingly pretty with divorced parents and a cuckoo stepmother and Marissa, jeez she is just a buddle of laughs, not! She heads through a downward spiral after her parents divorce. My favourite character, Blair has wicked fashion sense and idolise her self on Audrey Hepburn, with often having dreams about being Audrey Hepburn in her films.


Billy said...

I am a Gossip Girl addict. I covet Blair's wardrobe crazy much. And that dress Serena was wearing at the wedding? I want!

**Queen B** said...

I m such an addict to gossip girl too..the season finale was so good!!