Sunday, 18 May 2008

Dos and Dont's

If you own a pair of leggings please follow these important guidelines
1. Leggings are not trousers/pants, no one wants to see your ass.
2. If you do wear leggings, pair it with a dress or a long tunic.
3. Leggings in Yellows,greens and oranges just don't look good. 4. Don't wear with shorts, it never looks great, trust me!

Tyra and Christina, what on earth possessed you to think this is OK!

Sarah, Sarah, you almost had it right, the top a bit longer would have been fabulous.


1. Pair with a tunic and flats or even a top that covers your bottom.

2. Stick to navy, browns, blacks, which will look great with everything and flatter your body.

3. Pair with a sundress.

4. Leggings look best ending just before the skinniest part of your calves.

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