Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Baby V!

So in light of the "fabulous" High School musical three coming out this month, i thought i should do a post on my favourite style icon....
Vanessa Hudgens.
So you may scorn at the fact she is in high school musical, but you have to admit this girl dresses fabulous. I definitely admire this girl for being a normal healthy weight for her age, unlike a lot of starlets these days, apart from the photo scandal, i do think she is a great role model.
Whilst gracing the cover of Lucky Magazine this month, she was on the cover of the September issue of teen vogue. I do adore the colour scheme, it was fresh and bright. I do wish they had left her hair down.
She also has/had a mediocre singing career, unlike her hsm fame.

Friday, 10 October 2008

wake up

So i've been looking at my old posts, and must confess the blog was much better. I guess lately ive run out of time but thats no excuse. Lets just say someones splashed my face with cold water to wake me up so be prepared for better, more fun posts like when i first started. Posts coming up soon! anyway here are few fun fave posts of mine Jakey says!
You know you love me" Spring pictures i took!"