Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Ever since those pretty little thermals came out, i lusted them for years over the crazy UK price of £80 which is around $160 for a tshirt! After the trend seemed to die down and people where hooked onto another trend, my lust for primp didnt die! After nearly making a mistake of buying a primp top whilst being naive of eBay and believing that everything is authentic. I fortunately found out before clicking that buy it now button that i love so much.
I then stumbled across Shopinuition which stocked many primp items at the time, my heart fluttered with delight and i ran to get my visa electron. But to my dismay i found the shipping prices a little to much to say the least for a teen.
I began my search again, searching at least 4 times a day trying to find a website that shipped or was legit. After becoming obsessed with finding that perfect primp top, i came across revolve clothing. I whooped with delight when i found the primp lion thermal for sale and with a amazingly cheap shipping for the UK. Once again i whipped out my card and finally placed an order. After waiting a week for the little parcel of delight, i find it arriving on my doorstep.
Primp may have a heavy price tag but the qualilty and fit are so worth the few extra bucks than a normal tee.
Primp Stockists
  • Revolve clothing
  • Shoprapunzels
  • LisaKline
  • Karma Loop

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