Saturday, 31 May 2008


Eyebrows can make or break your face, they shape and define your eyes perfectly when done right but when done wrong, you can look SURPRISED or GRUMPY. Which you don't want at all. Eyebrows often go through trends too, from bushy to pencil thin, literally.
Miranda Kerr has thicker but groomed eyebrows with a slight arch, flattering her face and making it appear softer.
Teri Seymour: These eyebrows are too thick for her face but are a great shape.
The worst of the Bunch
Pammy: dang girl, you need to go to plucking rehab! or fire whoever does your brows! Also lose the 90s make up, it doesnt suit anyone. Camilla Belle: These brows are too thick with a bad shape, and look like they have been filled.

Saturday, 24 May 2008


from 25th to end of next week. sorry

Friday, 23 May 2008

Ahh pics!

First pics of the Mischa's Line! i have to have that cream bag!

Mischa Barton line

I usually hate Celebrities fashion lines, and most of them are just just awful and insulting!
I do think the worst ones are Heidiwood, Kate moss( thats not designing! that picking stuff from your closet and copying it!!) and Perez Hilton!
The best are Lauren conrad ( simple but chic), Milla jovich and Gwen.
But one line coming out soon, i am totally excited for!
Mischa Barton's Handbag line! Im a total sucker for handbags and i just adore her style! its like a match made in fashion heaven. Mischa, is has been in the planning stages of launching her own collection of handbags. “Mischa has always loved fashion, especially handbags,” her rep told Elle. The line will be vintage-inspired and all finished by a flower motif hand drawn by Mischa !
I can not wait to see these handbags.
What are your thoughts on celebrity fashion lines??

Thursday, 22 May 2008

So aDiorable!

Dior are bringing out the hotest and cutest phone ever. This phone is sure to be hot with Heiresses and Celebrities as i doubt most people could afford their ridiculous but oh so aDiorable mobile phone
The crazy price tag?
The regular mobile is 3,500 euros and a “deluxe model studded with 640 diamonds, which comes with an alligator sheath, runs up to 18,000 euros, or about US$27,000″.
Crazy huh! all in the name of fashion.

Summer trend- cheer inspired!

2,4,6,8 ! This skirt is really great!
Ok lame attempt at making up a cheer but a minor trend i will be following is.......
Flippy flirty,jersey cheer inspired skirts!
I just adore these american apparel skirts and are only £13! They will be a great basic for summer and will go with everything.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Its nordstrom's half yearly sale tomorrow!

I do love a great sale and nordstroms are great. But its easy to get caught up in the shopping buzz. Here are a few tips;
  1. Have a look on their website and see if you like anything, if you do, remember what it is and write a description down.
  2. Don't impulse buy, really look at what you have in your basket and if you don't love it don't buy it.
  3. Buy the size you are, don't kid yourself that you will diet into it! 95% of the time it just hangs in your closet
  4. Think would you buy it at is full price, if not, really consider if you want it.
  5. Wear only a few layers as its a pain if your changing, so think jeans and a tee.
  6. Make sure it suits you and you can make at least on outfit with it.
  7. Have fun!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Dos and Dont's

If you own a pair of leggings please follow these important guidelines
1. Leggings are not trousers/pants, no one wants to see your ass.
2. If you do wear leggings, pair it with a dress or a long tunic.
3. Leggings in Yellows,greens and oranges just don't look good. 4. Don't wear with shorts, it never looks great, trust me!

Tyra and Christina, what on earth possessed you to think this is OK!

Sarah, Sarah, you almost had it right, the top a bit longer would have been fabulous.


1. Pair with a tunic and flats or even a top that covers your bottom.

2. Stick to navy, browns, blacks, which will look great with everything and flatter your body.

3. Pair with a sundress.

4. Leggings look best ending just before the skinniest part of your calves.

Tuck in, tuck it out

Todays Outfit Top - Principles
Jeans - Topshop
Ballet Pumps - Office
Bag - Louis vuitton Speedy 30

Saturday, 17 May 2008


I am rather lazy with skincare but on the days i do bother, i.e if i manage to wake up in time for school or I'm too sleepy to wash my face. Evening This probably happens four times a week! I'm usually to lazy after removing my make up!
  • Clinique foaming cleanser You cant go wrong with this, it removes make up and cleanses at the same time, it foams up like a mini bubble bath in your hands
  • Johnsons Baby wipes These little suckers remove every last bit of eye make up, they are like butter to bread, a unbeatable combination!
  • St Ives Apricot scrub This is the holy grail of scrubs! It is the number one selling scrub in the UK and the U.S. Most scrubs don't smell that great, but this smells like a cross between soap and fake apricot!
  • Bio oil Its used for stretch marks,scars and uneven skin, i use this little pot of liquid gold, just before i go to bed as when i wake up in the morning, Glowing clear skin looks back at me in the mirror!


After stumbling out of bed, after the alarm clock is on its second snooze, i potter into the bathroom and attempt to wake up. Lets just say, I'm not a morning person
  • Clean and Clear Morning Burst This face wash has tiny little beads with vitamin c and antioxidants which makes the face glow, it does kind of wake me up but i love the smell.
  • Nivea Spray SPF50 I use this as a make up primer and a sunscreen in one! It seems to even the skin, so foundation goes on smoothly
  • Mac Sheer select pressed powder As my skin is pretty clear in spring/summer, all i need is a swish of this to even out my skin
  • Clinique Duo in strawberry fudge This may sound strange but this pink eyeshadow is the perfect little blush for my skin
  • MAC Eyeshadows or Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks What ever i feel like in the morning, i usually reach for my dearly loved Shimmer bricks or MAC eye shadows to almost finish off my look.
  • Cover girl Lash Blast This really lengthens and thickens my already long lashes, it gives the look of fake lashes but being natural.
  • MAC Lipglass Last but not least, i adore these lip glosses! My favourite are Pink Lemonade, Oyster Girl and Prrr

you know you love me xoxo

Every Thursday night at 10pm, no matter what! You will catch me watching gossip girl. Before this, you'll catch me, making sure I've done this weeks Geography and History Homework, which of course, 5 times out of 10 isn't finished, with a frazzled look on my face. Then rushing upstairs to get on my trusty Pj's and Uggs which are sadly like my rock! When I am ill, these babies don't leave me! Gossip girl is fabulous in many ways! It is basically the New York Upper East Side version of The OC which i adore! You have Serena, the troubled girl who disappeared for a term after betraying her best friend Blair. Blair is the girl you feel for but is Queen Bee, with a mom who seems to not care for her and a gay dad and Serena her friend who transferred with out telling her. With her fabulously unusually glamorous fashion sense, you wish you were her! Then you have the hotties! Chuck, Nate and Dan, chuck with his strange quirky fashion sense who is a bit of a rebel, Nate with was long time girlfriend Blair and Dan, poor by his school chums standards who is a bit of a school reject until he meets Serena who brings him out of the shadow and into the upper east side wild side and then you have jenny, Dan’s sister a desperate wannabe who constantly tries to suck up to Blair until she realises Blair is just using her. It definitely doesn’t compare to the OC, which sadly even though it was cancelled, will always be in my heart! Gossip girl is just not as relatable as the OC and you don’t have a favourite character like the oc , you had Seth, the geeky outcast which who stole Summers heart after Ryan the homeless convict kid came and lived with the Cohens and made him not such a loser at school. Then you had Summer and Marissa, Pretty girls with troubles, Summer, amazingly pretty with divorced parents and a cuckoo stepmother and Marissa, jeez she is just a buddle of laughs, not! She heads through a downward spiral after her parents divorce. My favourite character, Blair has wicked fashion sense and idolise her self on Audrey Hepburn, with often having dreams about being Audrey Hepburn in her films.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Did someone puke a retro candy store?

No, its dior's cruise collection. With crazy, colourful prints and glitter with a splash of retro, it could be a candy store. Tunics, capri pants, suits, 70's prints, oversized costume jewelry. chic sombreros. All of the above arriving in candy colors.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Its my birthday!

I turned another year older today, which scares me slightly as a teen! imagine what i'll be like as an adult!
Its my birthday, i do love birthdays, the food, pressies and birthday cake! I got some amazing goodies!
Louis Vuitton speedy 30 - the cutest bag in the whole world! LV speedy is fabulous and so cute! it fits tons!
left lipgloss- pink lemonade
Right lipgloss - oystergirl
Compact - pressed powder
Left eyeshadow- carbon
Right eyeshadow- jest
Topcoat nailvarnish!
Birthday Cupcakes my fabulous mom made! LV cupcakes how cool is that! a mix between chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter icing!

We then went out for dinner at Frankies and Bennys which is a new resturant in town, it was between that and La tasca which is a fabulous tapas bar which my family and i have been many times! I had New York Chicken, which is tender chicken with a special sauce ( hoi-sin with barbecue sauce) with melted cheese and bacon on top with a side of salad and fries. Not exactly sophisticated but soo good!


The weather is gorgeous so i decided to take some pics of this perfect spring day!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Ever since those pretty little thermals came out, i lusted them for years over the crazy UK price of £80 which is around $160 for a tshirt! After the trend seemed to die down and people where hooked onto another trend, my lust for primp didnt die! After nearly making a mistake of buying a primp top whilst being naive of eBay and believing that everything is authentic. I fortunately found out before clicking that buy it now button that i love so much.
I then stumbled across Shopinuition which stocked many primp items at the time, my heart fluttered with delight and i ran to get my visa electron. But to my dismay i found the shipping prices a little to much to say the least for a teen.
I began my search again, searching at least 4 times a day trying to find a website that shipped or was legit. After becoming obsessed with finding that perfect primp top, i came across revolve clothing. I whooped with delight when i found the primp lion thermal for sale and with a amazingly cheap shipping for the UK. Once again i whipped out my card and finally placed an order. After waiting a week for the little parcel of delight, i find it arriving on my doorstep.
Primp may have a heavy price tag but the qualilty and fit are so worth the few extra bucks than a normal tee.
Primp Stockists
  • Revolve clothing
  • Shoprapunzels
  • LisaKline
  • Karma Loop

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Kira Plastinina!

Kira Plastinia has taken Russia by storm. Opening over 20 stores across the nation with fresh and fun designs, and opening 5 stores in the U.S this month and an online store. This 15 year old, $700million daddy's girl works very hard as a designer, instead of shopping or hanging out with her friends. She visits her headquarters to approve designs from her design team for her fashion line. With her daddy paying Paris Hilton £1million to sit at her fashion show. "do you hint a bit of sarcasm"? Yup maybe i'm a bit jealous but if i wanted to be a fashion designer, i'd want to become famous because of my talent not because of her rich daddy and her design team

Who's the daddy? Sergei Plastinin is president and a major shareholder of food giant Wimm-Bill-Dann and worth £350million.