Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The Hills

The Hills is undeniably one of my favourite programmes. No matter how cheesy and scripted the hills is, i still find myself tuning in each week, engrossed in the drama, fashion and the catty girl fights that go down each week.
I guess it was only natural to love the Hills after being obsessed with Laguna beach which was the most cattiest, funniest lovable programme around along with the OC. I have always taken a liking to Lauren's sense of style, its chic but casual which is me in a bubble! She tends never to get it wrong, but i guess you cant with her simple styling!
I admire Lauren for being a normal shape, she isn't too skinny but isn't overweight, she sets a good role model shapes for girls out there. You must admit that she has got game, from being a regular teen on a reality TV show to having her own show which is the most watched on MTV!
One thing i cant stand is that when she is talking to Jason or a guy she likes, she puts this silly voice on and its SO annoying.

Monday, 28 April 2008


Now this is my dream bedroom! It just oozes PINKness, feminine and classy all in the same room! Its Betsey Johnson's bedroom which she has her apartment for sale at the moment!
Isn't the living room darling with the fur rugs with white sofas with a splash of green plants and pink walls which they all compliment each other perfectly.
Now someone needs to tell betsey to sort her hair out! a chocolate brown dye would look fabulous darling

Accesories are a girls best friend.

I know diamonds is really a girls best friend, but accessories can be your 2nd best friend. Accessories can make or break an outfit, it pains me when i see a fabulous outfit with a tatty bag or a necklace that looks hideous with it!
Its all in the art of knowing what colours look great together and what shape or size to go with the outfit!
A simple black party dress = clutch
Simple day time oufit = over sized bag
Day out a the beach = tote
Here are my favourite items!

I love these wedges because they remind me of the shoes becky buys in Shopaholic abroad! They have tiny little fruit on the front and they are perfect for summer!

This is my bag collection!, from the left to right is a brown buckle hobo, a quilted across the shoulder bag, Louis vuitton Alma in Multicolour ( yes its real!) and a Chloe paddington lookalike.

Sunglasses are a must! The pair on the left are the Dior glossys which were popular last year with celebrities and then a cheap pair from asos which are very Nicole Richie esque!

Street Style

One of my favourite things to do on a monday morning is to go on Elle.com's street Style ! it gives me inspiration!
Here are my favourites this monday morning!
Look at those fabulous wedges! Very Chloe-esque! reminds me of the opening scene in " the devil wears prada"
I love the pink jacket with the dogtooth combo! it's very chic and reminds me of something that whitney would wear on the hills!
Look at that beanie, the monochrome look looks great on anyone!


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