Friday, 27 June 2008

Paris Hilton, Love her or Loathe her ?

Ever since i saw the simple life, i have loved Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Rich stupid girls with lots of cash to flash, put in a small kind of backwards town, with no money, just the money they earn on minimum wage jobs which often enough ends with them messing up!
Ok so Paris may not be a great role model for today's kids but she sure loves to have fun with fashion. She is hugely popular a couple of years ago, with her own club, fragrances, clothing line and even a jewelery line and books. But her hype died down after she went to jail for DUI and it was like she's had a fashion meltdown ever since! The bob which makes her look rather bird like, the " i'm a rocker now, see my boyfriend is in band" is just bland and she looks frankly silly.
I guess you could say i dress similar to the old paris, but with out the skimpy trash outfits, i love the cute dresses, casual jeans and a tee/tank, cute top and skirts and of course the numerous amount of primp!
Anyway her are my fave looks/items she has worn.....

I have these sunglasses! Dior glossys in taupe, so cute and summery. Once again, as you can see i have a thing for dior glossys, they ooze sophistication but still trendy. I love the way you can instantly spot they are dior glossys from their not unique but unlike sunglasses which are around right now. Maybe they will end up like aviators, or maybe that's wishful thinking. Also in this pictures, you can see the ever lusting YSL muse, which i have lusted ever since it came out but ouch at the price tag.

Simple baby doll, cute jeans and the simple jewellery is a classic outfit which can look good on nearly everyone.

OK so I'm sure I've now committed a fashion crime by admitting i love Paris Hilton but that's the thing with fashion, wear what you like not what's trendy and you will come off more stylish that all the trendies in the world!

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Fashion Addict said...

I love Paris because I consider her beautiful and bright, but very uncontrolable. I like most of her outfits, but some look like she's trying to hard.