Friday, 20 June 2008

Lounging around Part 1

As much as i love to dress up and look good, there is nothing like dressing lazy. But you can look good while being lazy also which is one thing where people make mistakes with. Also all these snobby fashionista's dissing sweats and print tees, i decided enough, thou shall not diss sweats.... Here is a guide on whats best... PANTS! Juicy have a bad rep ever since they became a hot new trend a couple of years ago. But their Terry pants and hoodies are just heavenly when it comes to slobbing about, the qualilty is great and they last along time. My favourite material is terry opposed to the velour as i think the terry is more all seasons unlike the velour which is very a/w. They come in fun juicy fruity colours which the fabric doesn't fade ( except the black!) which is great.
Another great brand of sweats is VSPINK, they are fun and girly and come in cropped pant styles which is much better in summer and are more affordable compared to juicy.


penelope said...

i have the juicy ones in forest green from a few years back. and yes, theyre STILL perfect in every way. good call! when i want to be REALLY comfortable, i pair them with a j. crew cashmere hoodie.


Margherita. said...

Sure we can exchange links!

keira antoia rose said...

Everyone loves being comfortable every once in a while! Even though I'm criticized sometimes by my very fashionable friends, I still often give into the lure of my Pink pants or other sweatshirts/sweatpant combinations!

xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

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