Monday, 16 June 2008

is there a black hole in my house?

Now you may read the title thinking wtf is this blogger on about, but in all seriousness, I'm not kidding. Now my room and my parents house are super tidy ( my moms a neat freak!) so things are usually easy to find right?
But this last year, I've lost a couple of beauty items and its driving me mad! I patiently waited 2 weeks for a nail varnish arrived from the U.S, OPI fair dinkum pinkum. I instantly fell in love with its baby pink cremeness. 3 weeks later it had disappeared! i mean totally gone, Poof into thin air. I freaked and searched everywhere for weeks and had to admit defeat.
About a month later i lost two eye pencils, not something i really missed as they were only rimmel and i just restocked. But it still annoyed me. They were perfect, rimmel kohl eye pencils in white ( use in your inner eye on the bottom to brighten eyes) and in black.
But last week, after using my Mac Pink Lemonade, i was sure i put it either in my bag or in my make up case! but once again it went poof! I just adore this lip gloss colour and i simply cant find it!
So either i have a black hole in my house or i have make up fairies! any tips on how to get rid of them!? joke joke


Fashion Addict said...

that stinks that you constantly lose some of your favorite items! maybe your puppy is secretly hiding them somewhere.... lol

penelope said...
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penelope said...

happens to the best of us.