Monday, 2 June 2008

MTV movie awards : The Hills style war

To behonest, i never watch the mtv awards as frankly, i find them boring. They seem to go on for too long and when i attempt to watch them, i turn off after 30 minutes. I do however love looking online at what people wore and their make up, it seems to make up for the boringness. Everyone knows the hills fued between Heidi and Lauren, but do you think they will kiss and make up? I doubt it but today in style wars, Heidi won as much as i hate to admit it. The tight herve dress with white shoes looked great, but as always Lauren stuck to thinking inside the box. The dress is " christine " from her own collection, simply doesnt flatter this thin gal! The shoes could have saved this outfit but once again she pulled out the simple black open toe pumps from her closet. Now onto the "best friends" Whitney on team Lauren and Audrina on team Heidi during this past season of the Hills. Hands down, Whitney won this round, the bubble hem and the bright red dress with the unusual shoes pulled out all the stops compared to Audrina, the new bangs, midnight purple dress and the shoes that simply dont match let audrina down in the style department. Better luck next time


Anonymous said...

I love whitney's dress, the colour really suits her.

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