Monday, 23 June 2008

The future's bright

Just after finding the perfect spring nail polish, summer comes along! But after all it wasn't perfect, it chipped and was not quite the right colour i was looking for, the colour i'm talking is OPI Strawberry Margarita. Its a classic with nail polish fanatics but im starting to think that opi nail varnish doesn't work with my nails!

I came across Mac's Plasma blue, a shimmery blue. The blueness drew me to it, but i knew it just wasn't me. Chanels Flamingo nail polish is very me and something i would typically wear. But i wanted to try something new and different this year. I then stumbled across Chanels "Robertson Boulevard" collection, and instantly fell in love with L.A Sunset, a perfect orange with no shimmer, just a gorgeous orange. It's not available until July and even then we don't know when in July. So i began searching on Ebay as i knew it was available to buy in the robertson store. The beginning price is already pricey at $25 but to my dismay the cheapest was $35!

But soon i came up with an almost identical nail polish for $6! It's Zoya's Heidi from the Gossip collection! I've added to my wish list which i'll be purchasing all the items in a few days !!
Orange nail polish is quite a new and bright thing for me, as i dress in rather neutral colours and hardly wear neon's! granted i do love orange tops so maybe that's why! I've always worn pinks or nudes on my nails so i am excited with the prospect of a fab bright summery colour!


penelope said...

you should try OPI russian navy. its a dark (navy) blue with a little shimmer. not as in your face as the "plasma blue"

keira antoia rose said...

I own the orange Zoya nail polish. I've had it for a while I inherited it from a giving friend who was too shy for the orange. It's a great color :) And I think it works really well.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Margherita. said...

I love that shade! The orange I own is too bright/strong.

Oh, and just to say, my favorite shade right now is 'Shimmering Sand'. Its the prettiest pale color.

Fashion Addict said...

i love my nails painted, but it's hard for me to do them well, so I'm always colorless! love the colors you posted about.

sarah said...

where online can i buy those pale pink converse? have been trawling the web trying to find them! i'm in europe so would need them to be posted to there... would appreciate any ideas?