Sunday, 28 September 2008

Could I Per-Suede you?

I love Suede boots,there is something about them that are ultimately chic. After looking around at the new boots online here are 3 faves!
Uggs, $130, are a must have in winter, they are great for stomping round the house, walking the dog ( when its not muddy!) and shopping. Trust me once you have worn them you never go without, kinda ugly ish but super warm and snuggly.
Minnetonkas! So cute and fun but go with everything. $98 but there is always a 10% discount floating around from UO! Nicole Richie and Lauren conrad are huge fans!
I also love these by Steve Madden "arizonaa" boots$109!


penelope said...

UGGS are the typical college student uniform... so im pretty sick of seeing them around. i love the minnetonka boots! so cute.

nv said...

i reallyt wanna get those minnetonkas!

Tay said...

i have the minnetonkas in beige and i love them i wear them all the time