Friday, 12 September 2008

Little J!
My how you have transformed since the first season of gossip girl. Poor little jenny Humphrey has turned into a rocker chic.
When taylor momsen came on to the tv screen, people liked little j's Innocent kind of annoying character but over the season jenny shed this look.
circa 2006- Taylor with brown hair! Well this concludes that she looks so much better blond.
Then came the rise of not so little J, stealing Blair's crow. She cut her hair, stole her friend's moms dress, made enemies with Blair, dated a gay guy! not bad for little j!?
Flash foward to this month! You can just picture it!
" Ha have you seen Taylor's new hair" -Jessica Szohr " Stop it your making me giggle"- Leighton Meester
" Sorry but i couldnt help but laugh"- Jessica Szohr
" Stop it you guys, im trying to keep a straight face "-Nicole Fiscella
" Can you hurry up and take the picture, i cant stand to listen to cackles any longer" Taylor momsen
5 secs Later.....
Taylor storms off, to the loo to look in the mirror, while reassuring herself this is a good look for her.
Ok so a little bitchy, but the new look is so BAD!
P.S sorry about the lack of updates, to put it mildly i had severe writers block! but I'm back, bad and ready to blog!


Anonymous said...

haha thats the exact opposite of me! Last night I put caramel colored highlights in my hair, and they turned out platinum blonde! Thank god I had already bought brown hair dye and could do it over...I looked awful blonde.

its really weird that I run into a post about hair dye right as last night was the first time in my life I've ever dyed my hair!


Dana said...

I find her kind of annoying!

Nice blog :)

sahara. said...

I love Taylor Momsens new look. She looked so amaze in one of the Nylon issues.
Her new hair, and look was definitely a good choice.
I still can't believe she's only 15...

Anonymous said...

I adore Jenny Humphrey (but Taylor?), but oh my gosh she's one year older than me or maybe just a half year older. That's just so weird, she looks definitely not 15!

Nuvelle Vague said...

I prefer Blair's style...
but little J is soooo sexi ^.^