Monday, 28 April 2008

Accesories are a girls best friend.

I know diamonds is really a girls best friend, but accessories can be your 2nd best friend. Accessories can make or break an outfit, it pains me when i see a fabulous outfit with a tatty bag or a necklace that looks hideous with it!
Its all in the art of knowing what colours look great together and what shape or size to go with the outfit!
A simple black party dress = clutch
Simple day time oufit = over sized bag
Day out a the beach = tote
Here are my favourite items!

I love these wedges because they remind me of the shoes becky buys in Shopaholic abroad! They have tiny little fruit on the front and they are perfect for summer!

This is my bag collection!, from the left to right is a brown buckle hobo, a quilted across the shoulder bag, Louis vuitton Alma in Multicolour ( yes its real!) and a Chloe paddington lookalike.

Sunglasses are a must! The pair on the left are the Dior glossys which were popular last year with celebrities and then a cheap pair from asos which are very Nicole Richie esque!

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