Friday, 1 August 2008

Personally I adore studs, although I don’t wear them often which is also the case with most jewellery. Although I should do, as they are a simple way of adding chic-ness to your outfit without overpowering it, which can happen with hoops or dangly earrings. I love the way studs can pull and outfit together or add a bit of style when running to the supermarket in sweats. They are all about having fun.

These super cute studs are from claire's and come in most letters. The best part is they are only $5.50.

Juicy Couture Studs for $52 which are pretty neat and will go with anything.

Forever 21's rose plastic earrings are ever so darling and will look great in summer. $3.20!

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Fashion Addict said...

I love studs, and those are some nice choices! Very affordable, but can still add something to your whole look.