Saturday, 16 August 2008

first mani/pedi

After many years of painting my nails myself, I decided to get my first manicure/ Pedicure? Usually I do it myself on a Sunday night, with a little bit of pampering, removing and swishing on nail polish then applying Clingfilm to my feet after slathering Body lotion. I loved the whole pampering thing, the lady doing my manicure and pedicure at the same time was fabulous, it’s not as simple as painting your nails and shaping. It’s the little things that make the cost worth it, the foot spa which massages your feet while the lady is massaging your toes with your best girl friend next to you gabbling away.

After the shaping, filing and cutting of the cuticles, it was finally time for the painting of the nails. I chose a bright orange polish for my feet ( OPI Brights Power) and a lovely soft but rosy pink for my nails ( OPI dozen rosas). I instantly fell in love with the orange pop of colour. Overall the manicure lasted 3 days before chipping which is not a great amount of time but nail varnish doesn’t tend to stay on my nails for a long period. I think I will get manicures in the future, occasionally say around Christmas and Birthdays and maybe parties but it’s definitely a treat.

I adore OPI anyway so I would recommend it to everyone who does home mani/ pedis!! I will do a tutorial in the future about my clingfilm feet!

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Margherita. said...

My nails always chip really fast too.

I love getting mani/pedis, I am really bad at painting my own nails.