Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Back to school..... Make up

Sorry for the lack of updates, been super busy!
Back to school make up is crucial, light but noticeable is a must or go the opposite end of the spectrum and try funky bright colours. ( Did i just say funky?! eww)
My first piece of advice, which i'm sure you readers are sick of hearing about it and i know my family hate it too; WATER! Lots of it, it ensure your skin is well hydrated meaning clearer and healthier skin and it tastes great too.
There are many different types on the market at the moment which is great compared to 10 years ago. With foundations suited for clear skins or even bad skin and more colour choice, its hard to get it wrong nowadays. During school you will want a foundation that looks natural and just enhance your skin.
Clear-ish skin? Try a tinted moisturiser which will slightly even out your skin tone, personally i like Clinique's almost make up.

Blemishes?: Try a foundation with a medium to sheer coverage, try mac Hyper real or L'oreal's True Match.

Need a Medium to heavy coverage? Lots of blemishes, very uneven skin tone, try mac studio fix which provides a Medium to heavy coverage.

Remember to try them on in real life and in natural daylight as its very hard to get the right colour for your skin

Now onto the fun bit!

Personally for school, i think lipgloss is more suitable, it's fun,flirty and looks great. Lipgloss is essential in my everyday make up and often enough, my mom and i catch each other stealing the other one's lipglosses!

Its much easier to get it right with lipgloss than lipstick, i tend to stick to baby pinks and warmer pinks and tend to steer clear of blue undertone lipgloss. There is an exception to this as i adore MAC's oyster girl.

Top 5 Lipglosses

  • Mac Lipglass - Pink Lemonade
  • Mac Lipglass- Oyster girl
  • Benefit her glossiness- didn't hear it from me
  • Stila Lipglaze - Peppermint
  • Lancome Juicy tube- Fraise

It's all about the eyes
Mascara can really open your eyes and always looks amazing, but of course everyone knows this. I like to use a thin line of liquid eyeliner on my top eyelid and a tiny bit in the bottom outer corner to finish my look.
Eyeshadow is rather tricky as it looks terrible if done wrong, so your best bet is to try different colours, try buying a pre-made pallete such as one of urban decay's so you get a feel of what looks good and what doesn't.

Urban decay's shadow box, 9 eyeshadows for $36! Brilliant and plus they have added a sample of the must have eye primer.


La Femme Chic said...

this post was so informative! haha i didn't know any of those things about makeup, except for the water rule. you made me want to take notes on which products to buy! :)

penelope said...

so true. oyster girl is a lifesaver.


love your blog! check out mine?
p.s. your tips are pretty sweet<3

Fashion Splash said...

this post is great. personally i couldn't live without makeup but i'm worried about overdoing it when going back to school. these tips are great to get a natural look and not to look like a makeup-whore! thanks!